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Effective Presentation Skills Download 
Learn about effective presentation skills. WATCH THE VIDEO
Effective Presentation Skills Brown Bag Download 
Today's tech-savvy audiences are getting increasingly sophisticated and tougher to impress every day. In fact, creating and delivering well-structured, professional presentations is not only vital to your message - it's expected. If you are scheduled to speak at one of AESP's upcoming conferences or other industry events, this Brown Bag is for you. WATCH THE VIDEO
Effective Presentation Skills: Design & Delivery Download 
Learn tips and tricks to deliver effective presentations through simplicity and storytelling. We cover planning tips to help turn a complicated white paper or concept into an engaging presentation, design ideas to help your presentation software enhance rather than distract and delivery skills to make it all seem effortless and fun. WATCH THE VIDEO
How to be an Effective Moderator Download 
We cover what your objectives are as a moderator, the do's and don'ts of moderating, and what your role and responsibilities will be. Whether a first timer or experienced moderator, or desire to be a selected as a moderator in the future, you will benefit from the experience of the presenters and should pick up a good tip or two. WATCH THE VIDEO
How to Write a Winning Abstract Download 
Learn tips and techniques on how to write an effective abstract. Understand how abstracts are chosen, the critical information that must be included, what the Program Planning Committee looks for and more. WATCH THE VIDEO
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