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Spring 2007
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ComEd CARE - Proactively Targeting Residential Customers Download 
Learn how ComEd began a multi-faceted initiative to help customers manage their energy use through behavioral changes and assistance where necessary.
Creating a Hybrid Model of Program Implementation Download 
Learn how KeySpan created a hybrid model of program operation consisting of in-house program design and management staff, while using vendors for program implementation.
Developing and Marketing Successful DSM and Energy Efficiency Programs Download 
Learn how to overcome these hurdles through careful messaging, market research, creative rebates and incentives to increase participation and maintain persistence in DSM programs.
Developing and Running In-House Programs Download 
Challenges and benefits of PG&E's in-house implementation will be discussed.
Holding Consultants Accountable: Carrot, Stick, Both, Neither? Download 
Covers how the Energy Trust of Oregon develops its residential program goals and accountability targets for its consultants.
How Program Implementers Can Work with the National ENERGY STAR Efforts Download 
Learn how ENERGY STAR offers a suite of tools and resources to reduce the time and expense of going to market with your energy efficiency program.
Integrating Evaluation Data Collection with Program Implementation... Download 
Provides real-world examples of the benefits of integrating evaluation data collection with program implementation efforts.
Key Accounts: What They Want and What They're Getting from Utilities Download 
Shares some of the highlights of E Source's annual survey of Corporate Energy Managers to learn about their interests in energy-related issues including climate change, investments in renewables, and their expanded use and interest in energy efficiency and demand response programs.
LIPA's Customer-Driven Efficiency Program Evaluation Download 
Identifies how to better overcome market barriers to implementation of audit recommendations, as well as to assess the energy and demand savings that can be attributed to audits.
LIPA's ENERGY STAR-Labeled Homes Program Download 
Shows how LIPA is working with the home builders and the towns to make the transition as seamless as possible.
Maybe that Monday Morning Quarterback has a Point? Download 
Discusses two specific instances in Wisconsin's statewide Focus on Energy program where program staff worked in collaboration with evaluators to understand and then address issues raised by the evaluation team.
Running an Effective Portfolio of DSM Programs Download 
Describes the portfolio of nine energy efficiency and demand response programs currently being administered by six Texas utilities.
Streamlined Program Delivery and Tracking via Online Database Systems Download 
Learn how this online database management system handles all aspects of program administration including applications, installation reporting, inspection sampling and resulting adjustments, incentive/invoice processing, and budget management.
The Impact of Social Marketing Download 
Explores the evolution of energy efficiency marketing campaigns and how social issues such as global warming are affecting the messages.
Toronto Hydro's Peaksaver Program: A Successful Implementation on an Impossible Schedule Download 
Present how they accomplished this feat, including what went well and the obstacles they overcame in the process.
Training Subcontractors for Effective Program Support Download 
Provides tools and techniques on delivering comprehensive services on a large scale using the trade ally partnerships.