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Fall 2009
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What's Hot? In-home Energy Displays Download 
Discusses how to design and implement a pilot or full market program and some of the hurdles encountered by utilities that have undertaken these programs.
We Energies: DSM and Renewable Programs Download 
Features case study briefs along program tracking and examples of program saving results.
Ice Energy's Smart Grid Initiative Download 
Include information on the Ice Energy technology, as well as scase studies on how utilities are adopting the systems.
Building the Smart Grid: Roles for Building Commissioning and Energy Efficiency Download 
Provides an overview of the Smart Grid's potential role in enabling energy efficiency and conservation efforts in the commercial building sector.
Double Return Provides Commercial Customer and Utility Win-Wins Download 
Discusses how Hydro One developed an alternative program where the utility is offering to assist commercial customers to manage their own peak which benefits the utility system indirectly - a win-win situation.
Water Heating Innovations Download 
Presents innovations in water heating technologies and practical case studies from two utility organizations.
Ames Electric Services' Smart Energy DSM Initiative Download 
Discusses how Ames' Smart Energy Initiative has successfully been used to integrate energy efficiency and demand response programs.
Shedding Light on the Lighting Technologies Download 
Discusses some of the lighting technologies and codes that have recently been launched or are on the horizon.
Implementing a Successful C&I Demand Response Program: An Idaho Power Case Study Download 
Discusses Idaho Power's commercial and industrial demand response program
Smart Marketing Translates to PeakRewards for Your Program and Customers Download 
Learn more about how to grow enrollment from BGE's award-winning PeakRewards program.