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Advanced Thermostats: What They Offer the Nonresidential Sector Download 
And now over to Massachusetts: Developing Standardized NTG Approaches Download 
This Massachusetts C&I study focuses on general methods for estimating what would've happened absent a program. It revisits the 2003 standardized C&I free-rider & spillover methodology used by MA program administrators, & reviews other methodologies now being used across the nation. It explores the pros & cons of alternative methods for estimating what would have happened absent a program in different contexts.
Connecting with the C&I Customer Download 
Building awareness & adoption for new programs with C&I customers poses some unique challenges. Learn which channels resulted in the best market response and which channels were the most cost-effective.
Green Towns Gain Access to Energy Grants Download 
Massachusetts has named 35 towns as "Green Communities," a distinction that earns them access to $8.1 million in state grants to support energy efficiency upgrades.
Marketing & Implementing an Energy Leadership Challenge Download 
Learn how Efficiency VT invited its largest C&I customers to take its Energy Leadership Challenge. We share the lessons learned during the launch and first year of implementation.
More Bang for your Buck: Achieving EE Goals with Industrial Customers Download 
This presentation highlighted the opportunities and unique challenges in the industrial sector.
Tales from the Dark Side: Five Ways to Miss Industrial Energy Savings Opportunities Download 
Trends in Comprehensive Multifamily Rehab Programs Download 
Learn how to develop a comprehensive, whole building, approach to existing multifamily buildings for the next generation of energy efficiency programs.
Two Years and 100 MW: C&I Program Design for NV Energy Download 
This paper provides a rare look at NV Energy's portfolio program design from beginning to end. It begins with an assessment of Demand Response potential in NV Energy's southern territory for the commercial and industrial class. The initial assessment helped NV Energy to determine if the goal that they faced was realistic, and which customer groups had the most potential.
Unleashing the Power of Small Business Download 
Learn principles behind ComEd's Smart Ideas for Your Business Program's effective campaign that garnered a remarkable 25% response rate and traits of business owners most likely to participate.