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Spring 2010
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Energy Savings from Refrigerators: Still Plenty to be Had! Download 
Provides delve into the details including how to collaborate with retailers and trade allies, as well as information the pros and cons of recycling vs. retiring.
Managing Marketing Effectiveness Download 
Presents an overview of market analytics approaches employed at Duke, including examples of lift models and individual targeting for improved yield to marketing energy efficiency programs and increase adoption rates.
Integrating Social Media into Utility Program Marketing Download 
Discusses the process of growing and integrating a social media presence into utility program marketing.
Energy Trust of Oregon's New Homes Program Download 
Discusses Energy Trust of Oregon's New Homes Program, a scaled performance-based program that leads design and construction towards net zero in a carbon constrained society.
NEEP's DesignLights Consortium (DLC) Download 
Discusses DesignLights Consortium, a handful of utility and state energy efficiency program administrators, organized by NEEP.
Pacific Gas & Electric's Business and Consumer Electronics Program Download 
Discusses how PG&E's BCE program contains five energy-efficient electronics measures including consumer televisions, consumer desktop computers and monitors, and business desktop computers and monitors.
ComEd's Energy Usage Data System (EUDS) Download 
Discusses ComEd's Energy Usage Data System, an enterprise Web application that empowered customers to manage the end-to end process of energy usage data requests.
Keynote presentation by Philip Giudice, Commissioner from MA Dept. of Energy Resources Download 
Reflects on a wide-variety of possible futures for energy efficiency - some optimistic, some not - including: Roles for government - states and federal; Roles for private sector - utilities and others as well as non profits; New technology and implementation of existing technologies.
It Takes More than a Rebate to Move a Market Download 
Learn how APS developed an effective and responsive framework for expanding the Arizona market for energy efficiency.
The Energy Performance Score Download 
Discusses a program that has been implemented on a voluntary basis for new homes in Oregon and for a 5,000-home pilot for existing residences in Seattle.
The Role of Market Research in the Program Design Process Download 
Discusses what you should ask the consumer before you offer a new program.
Future Forward: Presentations by MIT Students Download 
MIT students and faculty are conducted research funded by the utility industry to consider new models that leverage the benefits of community-based resources to meet large and aggressive utility, state, and national energy efficiency policy objectives.
When Utilities Join Forces Download 
Learn about the benefits of joining forces to help achieve program goals and increase customer satisfaction.
Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance's Be an ENERGY STAR Campaign Download 
Learn how NEEA used the Be an ENERGY STAR Campaign to increase awareness for ENERGY STAR homes.
A Brief Look at Over Two Decades of Energy Efficiency Programs Download 
Features a brief look back at the innovations, challenges, results and lessons learned in program design, implementation, marketing and communications.
Trends in Marketing Effectiveness & Analytics Download 
Reviews the latest trends around evaluating marketing and behavior efforts for effectiveness using specific examples from around the nation.