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Fall 2010
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BPA and the Future of the Smart Grid Download 
Learn how BPA is spearheading efforts in an outreach program with state and local governments, regulatory bodies, other regional utilities, and ultimately end?use customers.
Renewable Energy: Beyond the Early Adopters Download 
Describes how customers' attitudes, concerns, and options towards renewable energy have changed as the program has moved beyond the early adopter customer.
Smart Talk about Smart Grid Download 
Looks at examples of real benefits and how utilities are presenting smart grid in ways that appeal to customers.
Successful Integration of EE & DR Programs in the Northern California Food Processing Market Download 
Discusses the key factors involved in building a diverse team to ensure program success; the common technologies being deployed to reach program goals, and examples/case studies of food processors who are currently implementing both EE and DR projects.
The iCanConserve Program Download 
Discusses how his program combines demand response and energy efficiency programs.
The Power of Collaboration Download 
Describes the benefits of bringing a diverse group of players to the table for the benefit of the residential and commercial customers.
Programs, Case Studies and Lessons Learned Download 
Features overviews of several programs being offered throughout the country.
Using AMI Technology to Promote Energy Efficiency Download 
Highlights how one investor-owned utility used their AMI deployment program as a way to successfully inform, engage, empower and motivate its customers.
Smart Grid Success through the Promise of Customer Engagement Download 
Details what utilities can do to deliver the insights and benefits of the Smart Grid to all customer segments, without waiting for in?home devices and home area networks, through a high?touch and low?tech strategy with existing communications channels.
Nudging" Homeowners to Action Download 
Looks at qualitative and quantitative examples of works and what doesn't at the intersection of behavioral economics, online marketing and energy efficiency.
The Role of Smart Grid Technology in Integrating EE and DR Policies Download 
Provides an overview of the latest developments in the deployment of smart grid platforms and how these technology/network systems are likely to transform/change the way energy efficiency and demand response programs are offered to customers and evaluated.