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Fall 2011
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Data Policies that Ensure Privacy and Encourage Effective Efficiency Programs Download 
The speaker provides information and proposes a regulatory framework to keep data secure while ensuring its availability to inform and educate consumers.
Innovating Behavioral Programming for the Smart Grid Era: A Panel Discussion Download 
This panel brings industry leaders in behavioral programming and up-and-coming innovators together into a passionate debate about the value and future of their programs.
Smart Grid in the Pacific Northwest: A Case Study Download 
Hear about the work of this $178 million project and then get a microview from the City of Milton-Freewater, which has been a leader in demand response programs for over 25 years.
Electric Vehicles: Preparing Utilities for Large-scale Adoption Download 
Hefty rebates are being offered to entice Americans to make the switch to EVs. However, few utilities are prepared to handle the increased demand on their grid due to lack of appropriate infrastructure to cost effectivelyand efficiently manage EVs charging during peak demand. In addition, utilities must determine a model for measuring and billing EV-related consumption, particularly in public places like parking garages.
Smart Grid Technologies' Impact on Consumer Behavior: A Panel Discussion Download 
Many pilot programs are currently taking place which seek to ultimately change consumer behavior. CenterPoint Energy, Direct Energy and Reliant Energy will share results of research conducted, the use of different combinations of technologies, and various creative program offerings.
Is Smart Grid Pilot Data Misleading? Download 
Considers the misleading nature of self-reports, the impacts of observation on behavior, the disconnect between customer feature requests, and more.
How do Web-based Energy use Portals Affect Consumer Energy Use? Download 
Findings from a research study on its effectiveness of third-party, Web-based energy use portals and their potential impacts on electric cooperative energy efficiency programs.
Maximum Market Value and Maximum Customer Choice: 'Nar the 'Twain May Meet? Download 
Explore the trade-offs between market value and customer choice through a set of numerical examples of Smart Grid technologies.
Lessons Learned from Three Smart Grid Dynamic Pricing Pilot Programs Implemented in the Northeast Download 
Get insights and transferrable first-hand perspectives learned from the design and implementation of two residential and one small commercial pilot program.
Merging Customer Behavior, Smart Metering and Pricing: A Discussion of Pilot Programs Download 
An overview of current behavior based pilot programs being conducted throughout the U.S. focusing on current status, results to date and conclusions.
Behavioral Insights from a Real-time Pricing Program Download 
Using monthly billing data and hourly meter data for control and treatment households, the presenter provided information on the results of three models its organization implemented to statistically investigate energy conservation, energy shifting, and price responsiveness.
The Uninformed Consumer: What's Stopping the Smart Grid from Being Smart? Download 
Hear how Duke Energy's Envision Center is educating consumers via an interactive center that explains how electricity is made, defines concepts such as peak demand, phantom loads and other key concepts.
The Biggest Energy Saver Contest Download 
The Biggest Energy SaverSM Campaign launched in June 2011 to spark the development of new apps that will help customers easily use and understand information from their smart meters.
How Human Behavior Influences Change in a way that Improves the User Experience on Utility Websites Download 
Read how utilities are combining technology and product design with a keen understanding of human behavior to influence change in a way that improves the user experience on their Websites.
Listen, Learn and Leverage Download 
Learn strategies and examples where technology and human interaction converge effectively to create ongoing conversations around energy literacy.
Glendale Water & Power's Smart Grid Project Download 
Hear the story of Glendale Water & Power's utility-wide Smart Grid Project, which recently earned them the highest score of all smaller utilities in the Smart Grid Maturity Model Survey.
From Novelty to Necessity Download 
From Novelty to Necessity: Leveraging Best Practices in Information and Services to Make Smart Grid Technologies Work for Consumers Learn how integrating technology design with customer-oriented installations, program launches, ongoing support and information services is critical to move new technologies from a novelty product to a relied-on necessity.