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Summer 2012
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2014 & Beyond: What's Next for Ontario Conservation Download 
The current Green Energy Act CDM framework expires at the end of 2014. Current supply constraints will continue, and could be further exasperated with renewed economic growth and the phase out of coal production by 2014. This session will explore the impacts and learnings of the initial efforts and discuss potential solutions.
Au Natural: Innovative Approaches to Natural Gas Efficiency Programs Download 
Natural gas utilities are breaking the mold for traditional utility program designs by developing their own approaches to reaching these customers. This presentation will highlight three fresh, new approaches from natural gas utilities across the U.S. and feature examples of innovative program designs that have led to spectacular increases in customer participation, awareness, and engagement.
Beyond HERS: Measuring Savings for Homes Built to Exceed ENERGY STAR Standards Download 
Learn about a more accurate approach to determine electricity savings for new homes built to exceed ENERGY STAR standards.
EM&V Best Practices: Download 
EM&V should be part of a classic continuous improvement process, providing DSM program performance measurement that can be used by multiple parties. This presentation outlines four major obstacles that prevent EM&V results from being produced and utilized in an optimal manner in jurisdictions across North America. Options and solutions are proposed that could improve the situation.
Energy Benchmarking 2.0 Download 
Learn how Enbridge created an innovative new benchmarking model to strategically diagnose for energy efficiency opportunities. Hear how their "Energy Compass Program" works to deliver a customized plan that pinpoints where to invest capital dollars for maximum return and/or where to make low cost/no cost operational improvements. The program received solid thumbs up from DSM stakeholders during the 2012-2014 DSM planning process.
Ensuring that a Trade Ally Network Delivers your Energy Saving Goals at the Right Price Download 
As EE program and portfolio managers take on the dual challenges of increased savings goals and reduced budgets, they increasingly look to trade allies for assistance.
Evaluating the Next Generation of Residential Lighting for Utility EE Programs Download 
EE lighting programs have long delivered energy savings to electric utility customers. Given new efficiency standards for light bulbs in the U.S., selecting the right light bulbs for the utility to rebate is a crucial step in continuing EE lighting program successes. Identify how recent collaborative research by the IEE, Ecova and TopTen USA can be used to guide utilities & consumers towards energy efficient lighting products that meet visual & performance expectations.
Freeridership: When will the pain stop? Download 
Read how freeridership ought to be used as a metric in deciding whether the program should or should not be offered. A more sensible approach to freeridership will encourage program administrators to undertake more optimal levels of energy efficiency and focus more on programs, such as market transformation, that might produce longer-lasting effects at potentially lower costs.
Identifying Paths to Success Download 
OPA recently completed a DR segmentation survey with over 200 non-participating commercial, institutional, & industrial customers in Ontario with Opinion Dynamics. Read the key findings of this study & relevant insights for other program administrators.
Integrating District Energy into DSM/ CDM Plans Download 
District Energy (DE) can be a great way to improve EE at the building, neighborhood & overall community levels. It is slowly appearing on the radar across Canada & in some parts of the U.S. Despite its efficiency credentials, DE is often ignored or sidelined by regulators, utilities and municipalities. Review some impressive examples of DE implementations which illustrate a range of policy, regulatory, financial and practical issues that need to be overcome to achieve success.
Let There Be Light! Download 
As utilities expand their programs and outreach, they begin to collect new customer data. By merging newly available data with self-reported behaviors & attitudes obtained from survey sources, this holistic research approach helps utilities improve program participation, provide more targeted energy saving recommendations, and increase customer satisfaction. Case studies from eight major utility companies are shared.
One Size Doesn't Fit All: Considerations for Rural Program Design & Implementation Download 
Explore the key findings from several Canadian utilities that have designed & implemented niche EE program solutions for their rural communities. Learn about each program's design elements & considerations, implementation approaches adopted or adapted, results & lessons learned as well as the ability to duplicate a similar program across other regions with rural customers.
Opportunities, Barriers and Options to Implement On-Bill Financing for Next Gen EE Programs Download 
Examples from utilities and EE agencies across North America to illustrate implementation opportunities, barriers and options. Different, yet innovative, design approaches to the implementation of on-bill financing will be shared; and pros and cons of each approach discussed.
  Rowing Together for Energy Efficiency: Case Studies Download 
This speaker illustrated the successful application of this strategy to energy efficiency program planning and evaluation using three different innovative examples from the northeastern U.S. For each of the cases, the benefits of collaboration and leveraged resources, the results to-date, and lessons learned from overcoming challenges will be discussed. Aspects will also be shared of these case studies with specific relevance to energy efficiency delivery in Canada.
Successful Approach to Industry Program Baseline Market Characterization Download 
OPA) launched its Industrial Accelerator Program (IAP) in June 2010 & its Process and Systems Upgrade Initiative (PSUI) in April 2011. These programs target the direct connect customers and the customers served by the local distributions companies respectively.
The Disregarded Demographic: Marketing EE and Conservation Actions to Ethnic Communities Download 
Learn valuable & practical marketing approaches unique to reaching ethnic communities beginning with identifying the internal challenges to implementing an ethnic marketing strategy (executive buy-in, sourcing vendors, ensuring utility customer touch-points are on-board), and external challenges (seeking community gate keepers, building trust, and growing energy literacy in ethnic communities).
The Path to Claim Savings from Building Codes Download 
Explore the history and learn best practices on how utilities in California, Arizona, British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest were able to claim savings from building codes.
The Power of Green - Financial solutions to unleash the power of EE Download 
The presenter addresses the challenges to financing deep energy retrofits through conventional lending approaches; approaches to providing off-balance sheet financing and the importance of a robust partnership between investors, buildings owners, and engineers service providers.
Totally Radically Cool - New Approaches to TRC Screening in a Low Gas Cost Environment - Panel Download 
Many natural gas DSM programs are being impacted by low natural gas prices. This panel will help you understand the implications of low market prices for natural gas for gas DSM programs across North America, and how two Canadian gas utilities are responding to this market challenge. Specifically you will learn how natural gas DSM programs are being challenged under the traditional TRC test and how potential modifications to the test better represent the true value of DSM resources.
Understanding the Minds of the Decision Makers in Industry: Download 
An overview of the attribution study methodology, results, caveats, lessons learned and industrial program implementation implications.
Using Loyalty Messaging and Incentives to Drive Efficiency and Innovation in Energy Conservation Download 
This session illustrated how data driven, incentive based campaigns can open new windows of opportunity for utilities to meet their efficiency goals. Using case studies that illustrate this strategy, the speakers explained how loyalty rewards and marketing can efficiently enhance conservation campaigns and reach unexpected goals.
Utility Social Media: if these walls could talkā€¦ Download 
Explore the ten critical steps to launch and maintain a successful social media campaign. These steps start with enlisting social media champions and building the business case, and end with effectively managing the social media portfolio and knowing when and how to update your strategy. You will get useful tips and cautions from the North American leaders in utility social media.
Will New Codes & Standards Kill Efficiency? Download 
Read concrete case studies from Canadian provinces that illustrate how new codes and standards lower avoided costs due to difficult economic times; & regulatory requirements around cost-effectiveness screening may be jeopardizing the future of energy efficiency in North America.
Yeah Sure, but What's the Catch to Reaching Low Income Markets? Download 
This presentation explored the many strategies for finding, engaging, and delivering to those in need.