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Spring 2012
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RePower Bainbridge Download 
The city of Bainbridge Island, WA is one of 20 U.S. communities to recieve a Better Buildings Award for energy efficiency from the U.S. DOE. Read how the behavioral changes affected the community.
Innovative Customer Web Portals that Drive Program Demand Download 
CPS Energy describes their innovative approach toward their energy efficiency portfolio design with a program website as a hub for their marketing campaign.
Moving the Market: Lessons's Learned from PECO's Smart Home Rebate Program Download 
PECO's Smart Home Rebate Program transformed the market. Lessons learned on how to redesign programs in order to reach ambitious energy savings goals are shared.
Innovative Thinking for Recycling Programs: How to teach an old hog new tricks Download 
Read about lessons learned, program challenges and how the learnings influenced the marketing and program strategies for the Ameren IL Refrigerator Recycling Program.
Way to Save Burlington! Download 
Learn how the combination of award-winning marketing, community pride & an Energy Ambassador was able to drive participation in existing programs & the collective energy efficiency achievements of the community.
How to Leverage Strategic Partnerships & Social Media to Reach a New Customer Segment Download 
By leveraging the extensive & already established social media fan base for the Red Wings, DTE was able to promote its programs and create goodwill throughout Michigan.
From Analog to Digital: Creating Successful Commercial Marketing Strategies Download 
An industry-leading HVAC program was marketed to contractors and utility reps using a combination of new and classic strategies. Learn how incorporating social media in a new way led to bettter lead generation, increased loyalty and referrals by customers.
The Lights They are a Changing: Early results from EISA 2007 Download 
The presentation provided an update on how manufacturers, retailers and consumers have reacted to these requirements and answers some of the most pressing questions.
Shedding Light on the Newest Developments in LED Lighting Technology Download 
Learn about the newest developments in LED lighting technology and how the industry standards are changing to accomodate these advancements.
ENERGY STAR Resources for Data Center Programs Download 
Data centers are one of the fastest growing market sectors in terms of energy use. Several utilities have launched programs that reward energy efficiency retrofits in new and existing data centers. The EPA is documenting the best practices for data center program design and implementation.
The '70s Called and They Want Their Heater Back Download 
This was the campaign theme for a highly-successful social media program to engage customers in the Northwest to adopt the NEEA's NW Ductless Heat Pump Project. By leveraging a cast of market actors (HVAC contractors, manufacturers, distributors and utilities) to engage in social media via YouTube and Facebook, the program has been a resounding success.
Zero to 60: Energy Successes & Opportunities Download 
Learn how EmPOWER Maryland's "top ten" ranking by ACEE was achieved via a successful partnership.
How the DOE is Growing Market Acceptance for EE Download 
Kathleen Hogan provided an overview of the DOE's approach to increasing the market for energy efficiency products and services.
Accelerating EE Marketing with Co-branding & Multiple Incentives Download 
Cen-Hud co-branded with Sears and GE to run 2 different heat pump water heater promotions; learn how this program exceeded it's goals via effective partnerships with trade allies.
Connecting with the C&I Customer Download 
Building awareness & adoption for new programs with C&I customers poses some unique challenges. Learn which channels resulted in the best market response and which channels were the most cost-effective.
DOE's Guidelines for Home Energy Upgrade Professionals Download 
Learh how the DOE is developing tools for the home performance industry.
Customer Segmentation: Who, What, Why, and How? Download 
Learn the common approaches to customer segmentation.
More Bang for your Buck: Achieving EE Goals with Industrial Customers Download 
This presentation highlighted the opportunities and unique challenges in the industrial sector.
Transforming the Maryland Residential New Construction Market Download 
Read how EmPOWER MD blazed the trail in the residential new construction market for Maryland.
Community-based Marketing Techniques for a Direct Install: A case study Download 
Read how SmartWatt Energy - working on the behalf of Ntl. Grid - developed a partnership at a grass roots level and how this approach effectively implemented National Grid's Small Business Direct Install program.
Marketing & Implementing an Energy Leadership Challenge Download 
Learn how Efficiency VT invited its largest C&I customers to take its Energy Leadership Challenge. We share the lessons learned during the launch and first year of implementation.
Joint Programs Among Electric and Gas Utilities Download 
Learn about allocating costs and savings, tips from program management, and what kind of results to expect from joint program partnerships.